One-piece Cap and Hoody from fashion start-up

Our Unique Design (PRNewsFoto/Hammers Hill)

The cap and hoody combo has become a go-to look for everyone from TV and movie stars to sports heroes – and now, lifestyle brand Hammers Hill ( is capitalizing on this trend with its one-of-a-kind cap and hoody as one piece. The product is the company’s first of many that will combine style and comfort, say its founders Andreas and Elena.

Our Unique Design (PRNewsFoto/Hammers Hill)
Our Unique Design (PRNewsFoto/Hammers Hill)

Hammers Hill’s launch product is an all-black cap and hoody with a white logo on the chest. Made of 100% cotton, the one-piece hoody is designed to slip on easily. The sporty, understated and unisex look is appropriate for lots of occasions, from a jog around the block to a night out with one’s entourage.
„At Hammers Hill, we like to say that fashion is a lifestyle,” says Elena. „Our patent-pending cap and hoody is a great way to get noticed, but without seeming to put too much effort into it. That’s the hallmark of today’s best casual looks.”
The story behind Hammers Hill reveals the passion and perseverance that have gone into making this brand into something special. The founders were a typical double-income, no-kids family until the birth of their son, after which Elena decided not to return to the workforce. So, Andreas worked hard to support the growing family, while they both kept their ear to the ground for opportunities.
Inspiration struck as they were browsing a celebrity gossip magazine and noted how many famous folk don a cap and hoody when ducking the paparazzi. After not finding this look available as one piece from any retailer, Andreas and Elena decided to fill this gap themselves – and Hammers Hill was the result. Once the idea for the flagship product was formulated, the new company set about making a prototype, building a website and manufacturing an initial run of apparel.
„We are so grateful for the community’s support in bringing this dream to life,” says Elena, „and to give fashion-forward consumers a practical, well-made item that we believe is perfectly positioned to become a hot trend – especially considering that people like Lebron James and Justin Bieber have been seen sporting this look.”
Customers can now preorder Hammers Hill’s second product, a white asymmetrical cap and hoody. Everyone who preorders now will receive a free pair of stylish Hammers Hill sunglasses. In addition to the white hoody, the company already has new designs on the drawing board. They are also meeting with retailers in Los Angeles who are interested in stocking their products in 2017.
Because their son was such an important inspiration in founding Hammers Hill, Andreas and Elena will be donating 10% of net proceed to UNICEF and Save the Children – Africa.
It's a lifestyle (PRNewsFoto/Hammers Hill)
It’s a lifestyle (PRNewsFoto/Hammers Hill)

About Hammers Hill
Hammers Hill is an apparel company behind the first-of-its-kind cap and hoody one piece. The company is the brainchild of a pair of young entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better and more fashionable place.
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