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Throw out that ugly holiday sweater!

The Christmas Tree Promotion Board’s ‘It’s Christmas. Keep It Real.’ campaign is pleased to announce a holiday fashion collaboration with renowned mixed-media artist Quentin Jones. Known for her unique, surrealist

Food tour for chocolate lovers

“Chocolate bliss,” that exquisite moment where a cacao bean expresses its finest creamy dark essence on your tongue, is an elusive experience for the chocolate lover—but one that can easily

American fashion show in Cuba

DiDomenico marked a place in history by being the first American designer to showcase designs in Cuba since the embargo was put in place in 1960. Dominick was approached by

Design collaboration with Converse

Select artists, celebrities, and entrepreneurs are helping raise awareness for ocean conservation through a Design Collaboration with Converse, in which each of them will custom design a pair of Converse

Yellow safety vest with a French touch

Karl Lagerfeld featured in an advertising video for the yellow safety vest: “it is ugly and fits no one but it could save your life”. The young French start-up, Urban Circus,

Fully customizable shirts on-line

Italian shirt makers Neronote have released a video outlining how they view the future of online customization for men’s clothing. The video, which combines CGI and live action performances, highlights

One-piece Cap and Hoody from fashion start-up

The cap and hoody combo has become a go-to look for everyone from TV and movie stars to sports heroes – and now, lifestyle brand Hammers Hill ( is capitalizing

Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair 2016

Southeast Asia’s most professional international jewellery trade fair announced a series of events and components to its 4th edition offering enhanced business and buying experiences for visitors. Held from 4

The XXL Toblerone available on-line

In order to always offer more Swiss chocolate to the world,, which has over 150 references, adds a new one with the biggest Toblerone tablet available on the market:

Abstract Roses – bridal collection by Tony Ward

The multiple representations of roses in abstract paintings were the inspiration behind the Bridal 2016 Collection. The construction found in nature’s wonders, its endless shapes and figures fed the couturier’s