Karl Lagerfeld featured in an advertising video for the yellow safety vest: „it is ugly and fits no one but it could save your life”. The young French start-up, Urban Circus, made this fashion guru’s statement false by creating a collection that has nothing left in common with the yellow safety vest but the norms it follows.

Stylish look, awesome cut, respected norms (EN1150 or ISO 20471), the yellow safety vest is no longer ugly, nor yellow, but a piece of a collection, coming straight from the street and its inspirations. Road safety becomes fun and colorful.

Urban Circus: The Yellow Safety High-Tech Vest, 100% « À La Française » Fashion (PRNewsFoto/Urban Circus)
Urban Circus: The Yellow Safety High-Tech Vest, 100% « À La Française » Fashion (PRNewsFoto/Urban Circus)

A style that goes along with the new means of transportation and the fabulous success of electrical, modern urban mobility. This jacket was made for this use precisely.

A High-tech jacket  

Urban Circus stands as the proud representative of the French fashion-tech. After a year of D&R, the new collection is finally released with every single detail meticulously thought through:

Safety is key  

We pay special attention to road safety and its environment, which is why we have as partners: Insurance (MAIF), French road safety, and Paris’ city hall

Visible from over 250 meters away instead of 30 meters, the jacket could give an extra 2 seconds of reaction to a driver to avoid a possible crash.

70% of road accidents are related to visibility, at this time of the year, visibility becomes a major issue. Our goal is to generalize the use of the yellow jacket and reduce those risks.

The growing start-up  

Urban Circus’ success is made possible by its approach of riders and the partnership with many upscale companies and organizations:

Available on Kickstarter for pre-order, the new collection is an outstanding demonstration of the „savoir-faire” of the young French start-up. The world just started discovering Urban Circus and the best is yet to come.

SOURCE Urban Circus

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