3D fashion photography for e-commerce

Sammydress Photography team working in coordination with Zaful and Rosegal to depict accurate product features. Product photography requires the right blend of cutting-edge technologies and superior skills. Sammydress photography team now works in close coordination with Zaful and Rosegal photography teams to depict product features perfectly.

New quality in product imaging
Sammydress, an e-store that specializes in all types of fashion clothing for women, recently embraced the idea of 3D photography to display their products online in a more sophisticated manner. Sammydress has teamed up with Zaful and Rosegal which offer almost the same type of products. The objective of the joint photography team is to depict the features of their products in the best possible way, thereby aiding the product selection process for their end users, or the buyers.

Sammydress, Zaful and Rosegal, the three together, now want to ensure better customer satisfaction and increase the customer retention rate. Since many online buyers these days are anxious about the actual appearance or quality of the products they buy online, the development team of the e-store has now added a new auto 3D view feature which can be found beside each product along with size charts and model stats release. The feature has been added to help online buyers get the real feel of the products they buy.

Whole new photoshoot

The joint photography team of Sammydress, Zaful and Rosegal now spearheads the move as they have already been outfitted with automatic 3D photographic equipment. The strategic purchase of the new photographic equipment has increased the photo capturing capability of a single photographer from 50-60 products to 110-120 photographs. The joint photography team now aims to photograph all their products using 3D cameras in 2017.

All the three websites have two different types of product photographs now, pure product photos and photos that are captured with models wearing the fashion apparels offered by Sammydress, Zaful and Rosegal. The dedicated photography team does all the jobs right from venue selection to model screening to put the exact photographic representations of their products on their site. All the three sites are now required to use the same images of products.

They now use an advanced lighting system to improve rendition quality. The auto effects used by the photography team now blurs the differences between actual products and their online images, thereby making shopping a more fun-filled experience for their buyers.