Customers help answear each other doubts

Zaful, which finds its strength in low priced clothing with top quality branding, is now opening new avenues for their users and customers to communicate and interact with other users. Zaful online users’ community was recently launched to help users get engaged and involved in meaningful conversations with other users. From now on, customers browsing through the product details on ZAFUL can find a new Facebook Messenger icon. By clicking on this icon, customers can get in touch with the online support team 24/7 and get their queries answered. If there is something that the support team cannot answer, users can bring the dialogue out and the support team will try their best to ensure they get the right answers.

Facebook is arguably the most popular social media website in the world, with more than 1 billion members so it is only sensible on the part of Zaful to use it to connect to their users. Besides, two other famous low-price clothing websites, Rosegal and Sammydress, have followed the suite of Zaful by integrating the Facebook group entry in their product detail page.
Upon visiting the Zaful online store, customers will find a ‚Z-ME’ tab at the far right corner of the navigation bar or they can download the ZAFUL app from the Android Google Play store or the Apple App Store to get a better user experience.

The Z-ME is a growing community of Zaful users where they can upload their photos, share things about their life, talk about their understanding of fashion and share their Zaful shopping experience.